All members of the team will be happy to discuss any aspects of treatment costs at any time. In fact we positively encourage you to ask if anything is not completely clear. At first sight the various fee structures can appear confusing so we have outlined below a brief explanation of how things work.



The new dental contract, introduced by the government in 2006, aimed to simplify the way in which NHS patients charges were calculated based on the complexity of the course of treatment. A band one course of treatment, the simplest, would include such items as examination, polishing, oral hygiene instruction and small x-ray films for diagnostic purposes. A band two course would include more complex items such as fillings, root canal work and the treatment of established gum disease. A band three course involves advanced and often intricate work, usually involving the services of a dental technician. Items such as crowns, bridges and veneers fall into this category as well as the provision of dentures.

With effect from 14th December 2020:


Children under the age of eighteen still receive their treatment free under the NHS as well as some groups of adults such as pregnant and nursing mums with a baby under the age of one. If you are on a low income you may be able to claim some or all of the cost of your treatment back. If you are ever in any doubt just ask as we are here to help.


Our Denplan patients pay a fixed monthly fee by direct debit for the peace of mind of knowing that all their routine dental care is paid for. The monthly fee is calculated using a standardised method on initial acceptance. Patients with little or no evidence of past dental problems pay the lowest fees whereas a patient with a history of regular fillings, crowns. root canal work, gum disease etc can expect to fall into one of the higher categories. Each patient is assigned a fee category from A to E. In practice we find that the vast majority of our patients fall into bands B and C.

With effect from 1st January 2020:

MONTHLY FEE£14.41£22.51£27.96£38.20£43.53

Denplan is an ever increasingly popular way of meeting dental costs for a relatively modest monthly fee. All routine and emergency dental work is covered; the only additional fees are payment of the technician’s fees where a laboratory item such as a crown, veneer or denture is involved. More details are available at reception.

Private Fees

Sometimes your dentist may recommend that an item or course of treatment may not be possible under the NHS and many patients requiring the best quality work ask to pay their fees on a private basis. We have a list of private charges available on request and will always give a written quote together with an explanation of the proposed treatment.

Once again good communication is paramount and if anything is not totally clear please ask one of the team.

Pricing last updated: 1 January, 2021